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EEG (Electroencephlography)

EEG (Electroencephlography)
























What is an EEG?


  • An EEG, or “brain wave” examination is a test that measures the electrical potentials of the brain. It is conducted by placing wires (attached to flat disc) to the scalp by means of means of a harmless odorless paste.

Who performs the procedure?


  • The procedure itself is done by a trained technician but interpreted by a BOARD CERTIFIED interpreter. There is presently no board certification body in the Philippines. An AMERICAN BOARD OF CLINICAL NEUROPHYSIOLOGY certified interpreter interprets the EEG done in Davao Doctors Hospital.

Why is an EEG requested?


  • An EEG is done to persons suspected to have epilepsy (or conditions that mimic epilepsy like syncope), some patients in coma for unknown reasons (i.e. altered levels of consciousness) or to determine brain death.

How does one prepare for this test?


  • It is best to have a shampoo prior to the examination and refrain from using an oily hair or scalp preparation. If a patient is suspected to have epilepsy, sleep deprivation (sleep late and wake up early) is strongly suggested so that it is easier to perform a “sleep EEG” which increases the chances of recording discharges seen in epileptics.

How long does the exam take?


  • The exam takes only half an hour.

Is there any pain?


  • There is no pain at all!

When can I get the results of my EEG?


  • One may get the results right after the examination.

How much does it cost?


  • A routine [out-patient] examination costs Php 2,600.00; while an examination with sedation will cost you Php 2,900.00. 


For more information, please visit or call our EEG Unit at 082 222-8000 local 8779.