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One Family...One Goal!

One Family...One Goal!

The family is the basic unit of our society. It defines the future for each individual member that eventually determines whether the family will have a  better life in the future than what their parents and grandparents ever experienced. It is the constant source of strength from which every member draws the energy and motivation to give the best of himself. Our country has remained standing among the League of Nations despite our acknowledged weaknesses because we have strong families. Left behind economically for decades now by our neighbors in this part of the Pacific yet we remain hopeful and optimistic that tomorrow will be a better day.

All of us aspire for a better Life. Defined by having our own home, being able to send our children to the best schools we can afford and to keep our family healthy and living a quality life. Thus, education and health are paramount aspirations for each Filipino born anywhere in the planet. Our institution is therefore at the vanguard of this quest, a partner of society in providing fulfillment to every Filipino’s dream. That better life can only be achieved if every Filipino is given access to quality education and healthcare. That is the critical role Davao Doctors Hospital and Davao Doctors College play in the lives of the millions of inhabitants in this charmed island of Mindanao. It is my dream to see this beautiful  island lead the country in terms of showing the way for the rest of the archipelago how these very basic of all human rights can be made accessible and affordable for every Filipino. It is not a privilege reserved only for a few.

DDH as the parent institution must always keep this in mind. We have that rare opportunity to make a huge difference in the lives of our countrymen. Davao City is a most preferred city in the Philippines for investment and migration. Nestled at the foot of Mt. Apo thus Blessed with abundant rain and sunshine all year round…shielded from the increasingly devastating typhoons brewing across the Pacific Ocean…gifted with a hardworking population possessed with that pioneering spirit that translates into a consistent growth of industry and commerce. These are the undeniable facts that ranks us way ahead among the rest of our countrymen…too much have been given to us in opportunity…we can do no less. We can do nothing less than TO BE THE BEST THAT WE CAN ALL BE.

Many are called…a few are chosen. The task ahead is not for the faint hearted and weak in spirit. It is always easier to Dream and set a lofty Goal. The challenge is in making that Dream, that Goal a reality. Implementation will separate the men from the boys. Cheap talk has no place here… only outcomes matter. Roles clearly defined…expectations shared and understood. Action is required…driven by passionate focus and firm desire to achieve and overcome. No room for doubt. No time to rest…after all, you will have so much of that once you are called by the Creator. Therefore, to Live Life to the fullest simply means giving all of your strength, beyond what is expected and asked because that is the only way one exceeds his Goal. The pleasure of true success is never experienced by the indolent…it takes more than effort and desire. The good thing is that no matter how big or high the Goal is…it can only be done in a day’s work…a day at a time.

You will definitely go through hell and only the deserving will keep on going.

Be grateful…be humble.

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