Eye & Laser Center

Davao Eye Center

The Davao Eye Center is the first Laser Center in Mindanao, established in 1991. The Center was created as a response to the region's growing need for highly accessible and cost-effective eye care. At Davao Eye Center, patients are assured that highly-trained and qualified Ophthalmologists treat patients, assisted by competent and caring nurses.

The Center provides a complete of eye diagnostic procedures and corresponding treatments. Its equipment arsenal, at par with international eye laser center includes: Yag Laser for non-invasive eye surgeries; the Argon Laser to stop progression of blindness of patients with diabetes, arterial or vein occlusion and glaucoma. The Iridex Occulite SLX Solid State Laser with Tri-Mode prevents blindness borne from eye diseases associated with age-related macular degeneration. The Iridex Occlite prevents glaucoma in patients with increased eye pressure, and eye diseases related to diabetes and Systematic Lupus Erythematosus. It is the first only unit in Mindanao.

Fluorescein Angiography, a major diagnostic procedure, is used for patients with diabetes and disease of the retina. The procedure involves the injection of a fluorescein dye allowing the Ophthalmologist to take an enhanced photograph of the patient’s fundus. The Octopus 101 Perimeter does visual field studies for glaucoma patients to check central and peripheral visions.

Patients requiring cataract surgery may also have their biometry at the Center for accurate eye measurements, and to determine the power of intraocular lens to be used during surgery.

Contact Us: (6382) 222-8000 loc. 114
Location: Ground Level, DDH Oncology Building