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Eye & Laser Center

Eye & Laser Center

The Eye Center of Davao Doctors Hospital is the pioneering and leading Eye Center in Davao City, operating for 24 years since it opens in 1991 in providing a complete and comprehensive Diagnostic and Laser procedures with uncompromising quality and excellent customer service. Patients are attended by highly-trained and qualified Ophthalmologist whose commitment is to provide the highest quality eye care assisted by competent Nurse Ophthalmic Technicians.

To enhance its services and maintains its leadership in the eye care industry, it unveils another services offered, the Eye Center Minor OR for minor eye surgeries which opens in January 16, 2015. It aims to render top quality eye care and support services to all patients.

Eye Center

  • Office Hours:
    Monday - Saturday 8am -5pm
  • Contact Info:
    222 - 8000 loc. 8114
  • Location:
    Ground Level, Main Hospital Building

Eye & Laser Center Services

Test Releasing Time
Fluorescein Angiography 3-4 hours
Fundus Photography 1-1 1/2 hours
OCT 1-1 1/2 hours
Perimetry 45 mins.—1 hour
Biometry 45 mins.—1 hour
B-Scan / Ultrasound 30-45 minutes